A Winter family photo shoot

Starting the year 2017 with a  Winter family photo shoot was such fun! This adventure-loving outdoorsy family had recently welcomed their first family dog into their family and he was coming along for the photo shoot.  I really wanted to capture his beautiful puppy-stage for the family to remember forever. Barney is a gorgeous chocolate labrador pup. Photographing this  friendly, well-behaved playful chocolate labrador  was special. He had already learnt to respond to his name which was great for photographing him! And he loved the treats he got for his obedience too.  What a good boy!

(As I hadn’t yet started a blog this time last year, here’s a throwback to last year’s first Winter Walk Family photo shoot with a pup. Enjoy!)

Smiley Day Photography: friendly, family photography                                                  Smiley Day Photography:friendly family photographer


The family chose Newlands Corner as the location for their family photo shoot. They love going for family walks there regularly  and the views overlooking farmland and fields are lovely.  It’s within Surrey’s area of outstanding beauty and certainly  provides a picturesque background, even when covered in a layer of foggy mist.  The day  of the “Smiley Day” started off chilly with a little frost and a lot of mist. By the afternoon, however the frost had mostly melted and the mist had lifted a bit. Although it was still overcast, the family had bright, cheerful ski jackets that stood out beautifully. 

 Capturing the sisterhood bond between the 3 girls was really fun. They are beautiful, brave, kind, sensitive girls  (and they loved posing!)  It’s always enjoyable photographing older girls as they have such enthusiasm and great ideas of poses.

Mum and her girls

Every photo shoot, I try to capture at least one couple photo for the mum and dad as I know it’s not often someone else takes a couple photo.  These two are a beautiful couple and great parents! (All of my families are great!)


Smiley Day Photography: Friendly family photography

Smiley Day Photography couple

Smiley Day Photography: friendly family photography

Smiley Day Photography: friendly family photography

Smiley Day Photography: friendly family photography Smiley Day Photography friendly family photographer

I love capturing natural moments so I had to be quick and sneaky to capture each girl when unaware of the camera,  in between posed group photos. Here they were  getting ready to jump in the air together, thoroughly enjoying the challenge!

Smiley Day Photography: friendly family photography

Having a “Smiley Day” on the first weekend of the New Year is a great way to start the year:  with energy, enthusiasm, fresh air, and family fun outdoors! It certainly got me excited about all the other families I’d get to meet and photograph in the year ahead!

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