Golden wedding anniversary extended family session for 10


This was an extended family photo shoot for 10, as a Golden wedding anniversary gift for the parents of 2 sisters. To commemorate and celebrate their parents’  Golden wedding annivesary, 2 sisters and their families arranged to have the photo shoot together with their parent, in their parents’ garden in Hampshire. Thankfully they all timed it right!  A week or 2 later we heard the news that Government  Covid guidelines reverted to a maximum group size of 6.

They shared very special hugs and what a pleasure to photograph those moments – the first in 5 months for the ladies and their parents!

Mr and Mrs W can both be so proud of how they raised their beautiful daughters and how these daughters, alongside 2 fab sons-in-law are raising 4 amazing fun-loving, energetic little grandchildren between them!

On the morning of the family session, we all managed to navigate through road closures and detours to get everyone together at the grandparents’ house.  The grandparents’ beautiful garden in Hampshire was the location for this Smiley Day where we had a few posed family shots for frames and some more spontaneous fun moments to capture too. Dodging summer showers either side, we even got a fab bit of sunshine in between, which came out from behind the clouds.

I really enjoyed photographing this Smiley Day photo shoot for 10 people, in August.  I’ve photographed one of the families before, when the youngest was a newborn and it was lovely seeing how much the boys had grown and how their personalities have blossomed since the youngest’s newborn shoot!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs W on your 50th wedding anniversary!  What an achievement.  Even though Mrs W confided in me that she doesn’t like being photographed much, she and Mr W did really well.

I really enjoyed photographing everyone together and hope we’ll be able to photographed extended families again after Christmas!

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Smiley Day Photography sisters and husbands

     Smiley Day Photography 4 little cousins

Smiley Day Photography family of 4

(Sometimes it’s not that easy photographing 4 little cousins at the same time, but it’s still a lot of fun and  in keeping it real, here are some of the attempts! We played “sleepy bunnies… hop little bunnies” and there was great excitement when we got to “Wake up little bunnies!” )Smiley Day Photography jumping children

Smiley Day Photography 3 children

It was a bit too much for the newest addition to the family, but mummy was close on hand to comfort her.

Smiley Day Photography cousins

Smiley Day Photography family photo shoot with family of 4

Smiley Day Photography mum and 2 boys   



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