Guildford Town Centre Farewell

Guildford town centre was the location for this “Farewell Guildford” photo shoot.   While awaiting his visa, this father was the lucky winner of a Smiley Day photo shoot which was donated towards a fundraiser.  His wife had already flown out but his twin daughters, the one daughter’s boyfriend and their shared family dog Jax, met me in Guildford town centre one sunny Spring afternoon in April.


Smiley Day Photography

Strolling through Guildford’s Castle Grounds

There’s something quite magical about Castles and while all that remains is parts of the walls and the 11th Century Castle Keep, it’s a beautiful space to explore, enjoy, relax in and appreciate.  (My children love to imagine what life in that Castle may have been like in the days of its prime! I do too!)

Smiley Day Photography

The War Memorial

Having grown up in Guildford, this was a special place for them, with lots of family memories.  The Spring flowers in the Castle grounds were a pretty backdrop too.  We stopped at the  Garden of Remembrance and  enjoyed a stroll past the bowling green, stopped for  photos at the Grade 2 listed War Memorial Arch, the bandstand and Alice through the looking glass sculpture before heading down the steps into the Castle grounds.

Smiley Day Photography    

Smiley Day Photography

Smiley Day Photography       Smiley Day Photography

Smiley Day Photography       Smiley Day Photography, Alice through the looking glass, Guildford Town Centre     Smiley Day Photography



When these 2 lovely sisters were little, they had a photo taken back to back behind a bed of flowers in bloom.  We had some fun creating the same scene this time a few years on!

Guildford Town Centre

After Spring flower photos, we headed into the town centre

Guildford Town Centre, Smiley Day Photography     Smiley Day Photography


Farewells are so much sweeter when you have ended off a season with happy memories captured on camera. I hope theses photos will bring this dad many happy memories of time with his daughters!

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