January 2018: a 6 week old baby girl

In January 2018 I photographed this gorgeous little 6 week old baby girl with her family.  Family of 4 with a newborn 

The photo shoot was on a cold, wintry Saturday morning in January, in their home in Ashtead.  It was drizzly outside, nothing like the forecast the day before which had allured to a morning of full sunshine.  However,  the weather is not a problem when photographing babies in the home.

Like all “Tiny Smiley Day” baby photo shoots, we were cosy and warm with the heating up, a fan heater blowing warm air into the room.

Smiley Day Photography

This beautiful little lady was on the verge of smiling for the first time.  She was definitely smiling with her eyes as she gazed lovingly at her mummy!

Mum kissing baby girl  

While mummy had snuggles and baby kisses with her little angel, Daddy worked off some of “big brother” ‘s energy, playing rough and tumble games,  and having wrestling contests on the couch.  If it had been warmer I’m sure big brother would have far rather been stomping about outdoors in muddy puddles. But he did really well!  How cute is this little chap’s cheeky grin?!


Mummy and Daddy then swapped and Daddy got to have cuddles with his baby girl while Mummy and big brother shared some quality time.  It turns out mummy kisses can be quite tickly and trying to avoid them turned into a hilarious game!


It was a pleasure photographing the early days for this family.

You have a lovely little family Ali and Wesley!

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