8 week old baby boy’s Spring “Tiny Smiley Day”

This 8 week old baby boy’s Spring “Tiny Smiley Day” started off as usual in his home on Twickenham.  However as the Saturday morning turned into one of those glorious hot sunny days, we moved the shoot outdoors.   It was one of those glorious Spring days when you start to hear the mowers going all around the neighbourhood. And shortly after that, the enticing aroma of barbecue fires staring up and wafting into homes.


I’ve known his mum for a few years. We met as colleagues in a school we both worked in and it was great reconnecting when we had our meet-up to plan and prep for the shoot while she was still pregnant.   The last time we’d seen each other, neither of us had any children so it was such a treat to meet hers and photograph them for her.  And what sweet boys she has!

The littlest was 8 weeks old and was such a calm contented chap who loved his sleep.  He could sleep almost anywhere.


Big brother was besotted with his little brother and the little brother loved all the snuggles from his big brother.  Aren’t their smiles the cutest?

Little brother was starting to drift off to sleep here.  Totally content in the arms of his Mum and big brother.  Big brother was even willing to share his favourite toy Panda, but just for a few minutes

We weren’t sure if we’d manage to get newborn wrapped up photos but it turned out he still loved curling up when he sleeps, and even at 8weeks old, he was happy to be carefully wrapped and  positioned.  He was already quite a big boy, so this was really sweet.

Smiley Day Photography

When you’re in the throes of life with a newborn, Dads are the ones we lean on!



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