A Spring family photo shoot in bluebell woods

This Spring family photo shoot in bluebells was photographed in the middle of May. It was just at the end of the bluebell season and although the popular spots had clearly been visited many times already, I’d scouted out some beautiful untouched bluebells.  Bluebell woods are beautiful but can be tricky to photograph in as the green from all the surrounding leaves often reflects a green light onto the subjects.  The key is to choose the right spots and knowing your way around your camera.

The family’s choice of primary and pastel coloured outfits was perfect amidst the new bright green Spring leaves and the blue carpet of bluebells in the background.

Having taken families to this spot before I knew of some great spots for their family photos and we had a great time together.

Running through fields of bluebells is such fun.  I loved capturing these delightful memory-making moments.


The family had brought along a lovely picnic rug that they’d been given as a gift and had a lovely time picnicking after this photo was taken.  I always suggest clients bring along a snack for children and we always stop half way through for a drink and a nibble.

I had taken along a wooden box for the girls to sit on among the bluebells and their dad had kindly carried it around for me. We were about to turn back but I then I remembered the box and thankfully the girls were happy to have one last set of photos taken sitting on it among the bluebells.  I’m so glad they did.  Theses are some of my favourites from their Smiley Day!


These two parents can be very proud of their sweet girls and the great job they’re doing raising them. I really enjoyed photographing them all in and among bluebells and look forward to bluebell season again next year!

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