A hot Summer’s Smiley Day

This hot Summer’s Smiley Day was on one of the hottest Summer’s days. It was 31 degrees C when we met at 4pm in July 2018!  The “boys” (father and son) were both in blue with some black and the  “girls” (mum and daughters) were in pink with a bit of white in between.  They all looked great.

The location for their family photo shoot was set along a public footpath which winded past horse paddocks and a pond. There was a lovely shady spot under some big old trees that made a lovely spot for a picnic.

Everyone had fun feeding horses carrots, walking and talking, stopping here and there for photos – all the while making memory moments while I captured them.  As it was so warm, there were plenty of stops to have a drink so everyone stayed cool and comfortable.  (After this hot Summer where heat waves are the new norm, it seems like we’re all adapting quite well to hotter weather with less rain!)  A cool breeze was very welcome!

Having grown up in South Africa where hot days are the norm, I was loving the heat and the savannah-like long dry grass which is so uncharacteristic of and English Summer.  Most years I don’t often have the opportunity to photograph families in this kind of long brown grass but this year has been an exception!  (It’s a natural reflector that reflects sunlight the same colour as skin tone, creating a beautiful natural light.  Having the chance to photograph this family in long grass was a treat  as a photographer and another of the many reasons I loved photographing this family!


Smiley Day Photography

These sisters and brothers are so sweet together.  It’s a special thing when siblings get along so well – and the way the older two look after their baby sister is really cute.  She was so good at posing!



Along the walk, they stopped to feed horses some carrots which I’d brought along.

We stopped for father-and-son photos outside the horses’ stables and had a little fun with different poses.  Don’t they look good with their matching haircuts?

“Peekaboo!” This little lady certainly was enjoying herself and the camera.

Big brother was quite taken by the horses and really enjoyed feeding  the horses carrots and stroking them.  The horses seem to enjoy his company too.

Mum and her daughters had a lovely time together watching the horses too.

Smiley Day Photography

Daddy and his baby girl having fun playing “Up high!”

This Mum had been a super star and baked the family a surprise giant cookie, dotted with smarties to share on a picnic.  It was enormous and was such a hit.  I love their expressions as the little one opened the box!

This Mum and Dad have a really lovely family which they can be very proud of!

Big sister and baby sister play together.  I never had a little sister, but the idea of having a real-life doll-like little person to play always appealed.  I think this little one’s got a really caring, kind, helpful big sister looking out for her!

Smiley Day Photography

It was such a pleasure photographing this family and they did really well even on such a hot summer’s day!

Angela Birchall

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