An Autumn Smiley Day in the woods


This Autumn Smiley Day in the woods, was a joy to photograph!  I love photographing families outdoors having fun.  These 5 thoroughly enjoyed themselves, making memories together while I captured them.  This is what Smiley Day Photography is all about.  Giving children and parents space to have fun together running races, leaf-throwing, playing pooh-sticks, sharing hot chocolate and a biscuit on a picnic blanket, walking and swinging, cuddles and hugs, exploring a hollow tree, examining mushrooms, and lying in leaves playing with sticks while I photograph these moments for them to frame and hold onto forever.

When we met up to chat about the shoot beforehand, this mum specifically mentioned that she wanted natural in-the-moment photos.  They didn’t all have to be looking at the camera.  She just waned them as they are.  I love that!

It was a beautiful sunny Autumnal morning and we also got some beautiful light for backlit photos. I love it when I get to photograph families as close to sunrise or sunset as possible and these times are so much more sociable for families in Autumn days.

The Autumn leaves were a gorgeous yellow and the setting was perfect.  This was a special family photo shoot for this family.  For their 10th wedding anniversary, this lovely couple bought a gift voucher in January, to have a photo shoot later in the year.  Not only were they waiting for warmer weather, but also for their youngest to become a confident explorer.  The 11 month wait was worth it and they had a beautiful day for it in a beautiful season.  As you can see, the littlest one was certainly enjoying himself exploring the outdoors and his older siblings were too!  I love capturing special memories for families like this one who love exploring and playing together outdoors in nature and come alive spending time outdoors

After cuddles and snuggles, family running races and a boys’ game of pooh sticks in the stream, it was time for some hot chocolate and biscuits on the picnic blanket

This husband and wife/Mum and Dad have such a lovely family they can be so proud of!

The littlest one took great delight playing in the long grass.

Isn’t it just the cutest when kiddies lose their first front teeth?  What a gorgeous toothless grin!

Such a beautiful Mum and daughter.






Angela Birchall

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