Worplesdon Primary School’s e-Prospectus

When Worplesdon Primary School’s needed photos taken for an updated prospectus, the school  approached Smiley Day Photography. In place of a paper prospectus, they opted for an e-prospectus in the interests of the environment.  I accepted gladly.  “School photographer” combines all the things I enjoy. I love photography, especially photographing children and families. I also love working in schools with the hustle and bustle of school life.

Viewing the school day from the perspective of a photographer while drawing on experience as a former teacher, teaching assistant and school mum made is a rewarding creative challenge.  Some shots needed a little creative directing while others were spontaneous gorgeous moments caught on camera as they happened. I captured I wide variety of shots for the school to choose from, so they would have extra photos that can be used in their website or any upcoming presentations that need photographs.

School e- Prospectus photography

In a school day, there’s so much richness, colour, vibrance, energy and beauty to capture:  as children’s faces light up upon new discoveries.  As they listen intently, you can see them drinking in knowledge with understanding clicking into place.  As they sit and talk together on playground you can see their enjoyment of one another, a contented sense of belonging, care and kindness towards one another.  There’s so much movement as children work as a team, running around on a playground playing games together.  There’s intense concentration as children challenge themselves and accept challenges individually and as teams. Teachers’ kindness, care, love and passion to teach children is all over their faces and the walls of their classrooms. Support staff’s help, encouragement, love and care in class, the lunch hall and the playgrounds is evident too.

Photographing moments that convey a sense of this school’s ethos, atmosphere, underlying values, community & creative curriculum  was my main aim.

The school opted for a paperless e-prospectus in the interests of the environment and   e4education did a sterling job designing:

Worplesdon Primary school’s e-prospectus .   (Click on the link).

It’s a 90% paperless e-prospectus, as prospective parents get to take home a little business card with a nifty QR code that a phone camera can read and it then takes the reader straight to the e-prospectus link on their phone.

It was a pleasure photographing such a friendly school and I look forward to future “Smiley School Days”  – school-photography opportunities.

Angela Birchall

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