15 Good reasons to have a photo shoot

Would you like 15 Good reasons to have a photo shoot? (You don’t really need a reason!) Life is a gift to be celebrated, full of quirky moments and stages to photograph, remember and treasure.

When you break it down, a family only has:

  • a pregnant mummy for 9 months
  • a newborn for a month,
  •  a baby for 11 months,
  • a toddler for 2 years,
  • a pre-schooler for 1-2 years,
  • an Infant in Primary School for 3 years,
  • a Junior in Primary school for 3 years,
  • a Secondary school student for 5 years
  • possibly a uni student for as long or short as…always your baby!
  • Add in significant birthday celebrations,

While that first year feels the longest (because you’re all awake for most of it?!) Time really does fly. There’s not time like the present to make a plan to have your family photographed beautifully for you.

Here are some other reasons to have a photo shoot…

Perhap you have:

  • A new home or extension? Why not  fill the walls with “family art?”
  • An anniversary or significant birthday coming up? Smiley Day’s make great gifts!
  • Grandparents asking for updated photos of the whole family and grandchildren?
  • Lots of photos of the children on your phone but not many with both mum and dad in them?
  • last had a photoshoot years ago and the walls need updating? There’s no time like the present…

I’d love to have a “Smiley Day”with you. Fill in your details here and let me know which stage your munchkins are at and I’ll e-mail you back as soon as I can. (It may be once my kiddies are tucked up in bed.)


Angela Birchall

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