Why have other families chosen to have Smiley Days?

“Why have other families chosen to have ‘”Smiley Days?”

Here are a some ideas my clients who have chosen to have Smiley Days, had in mind when they approached me to photograph them:

One wonderful family chose to have a “Smiley Day” (Family photo shoot) in celebration of their 10th anniversary.  The location chosen is also the venue where they had their wedding reception. We had some fun recreating a pose in the same spot as one of their wedding photos. (The little tree they’d stood next to had also grown somewhat over the past 10 years!)  and created new memories with the children. They ‘ve created a photo-wall of around 25 framed photographs in varying sizes down the passage of the new extension to their home and it looks great!

In celebration of a mum/grandmother’s 60th birthday, one family wanted to fill a multi-aperture frame of updated family photos. As part of the sentimental gift, the family flew abroad to celebrate with her and  and hand deliver the gift.

The grandparents of 7 grandchildren, were getting a lovely surprise for their 50th anniversary when they opened up an envelope with a Smiley Day Photography voucher.  Their children arranged a “Smiley Day” shoot for the 7 cousins and gave their parents  a voucher enabling them to select their own favourites from the private online gallery which display the edited images of all the grandchildren.

Do these ideas inspire you? They’ve inspired me!

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