Where will we have the shoot?

When choosing the location where you will have the shoot, I can make suggestions or you can choose your own.

It’s great having your shoot in a setting with a pretty backdrop, but that’s not necessary. A rustic, deserted setting, plain or interesting walls or a bustling city provide great settings too. Do you love a particular season or seasonal flowers you’d love to have photos among? Also have a look at What time of year is best?

Doing something that’s become a family tradition would be a great memory to capture e.g. an afternoon walk or picking out fresh veggies at a farmers’ market you regularly visit as a family?

By narrowing down features you’d like to have your photos taken in like farmland, fields of long grass, gardens, ponds, little bridges, avenues of trees, a playground,  or a pond can help narrow down your preferences, I can suggest local spots that may have these.

If you would like to have a shoot in London, I would be happy to hear your ideas and capture this for you.

I’d also love to hear what you’re planning to use the images for.  There may be something I need to bear these in mind when I’m planning your shoot.

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