The Whites’ 10th Wedding Anniversary photo shoot May 2016

In May 2016 my good friend  Jo approached me and asked if she and Rob could commission me to do a family photo shoot for them.  It would be marking the occasion of their 10th wedding anniversary, so I suggested Denbies wine estate as the location for it as this is where they got married.  It seemed apt taking a walk down memory lane on such an occasion, this time with 3 beautiful children.

Before they asked, I hadn’t even considered Smiley Day Photography, but I enjoyed it so much that the seeds of Smiley Day Photography were planted and after a bit more interest, has sprouted into what it is today.  Here’s Smiley Day Photography’s first ever family photo shoot.  Their photos are now on display in a “photo wall” spanning the length of their passage after their recent extension. Thank you so much for asking, Rob and Jo.


Smiley Day Photography    Smiley Day Photography     Smiley Day PhotographySmiley Day Photography


Smiley Day Photography

    Smiley Day Photography    Smiley Day Photography

Smiley Day Photography

      Smiley Day Photography      Smiley Day Photography

Smiley Day Photography

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